Announcing New Gamma Knife Perfexion at SDGKC

San Diego Gamma Knife Center Offers New,  Non-Invasive Surgery for the Brain

 (La Jolla, CA, 11/21/2011)  In its continuing effort to offer the best in medical care to the San Diego community, San Diego Gamma Knife Center is pleased to announce the acquisition and installation of a state-of-the-art Gamma Knife® Perfexion™. 

 “Perfexion has become the new gold standard for cranial radiosurgery, providing a level of accuracy and precision in the treatment of brain tumors, vascular malformations, and other brain disorders that is far superior to any other radiosurgery system,” explains Neurosurgery Medical Director Kenneth Ott, M.D., F.A.C.S. Perfexion also incorporates significant safety advances.  According to Radiation Oncology Medical Director David Hodgens, M.D., F.A.C.R., “The radiation dose to normal brain and to other parts of the body is far lower than any other radiosurgery system.”

 Gamma Knife is not a knife at all, and no incisions are made.  Its highly focused beams of gamma radiation offer the precision of surgery, without a scalpel and without the usual risks of surgery or an incision.

Non-Invasive Surgery

 Fueled by research and peer-reviewed published results, there is a groundswell of support for Gamma Knife radiosurgery.  Over 600,000 patients have been treated with the Gamma Knife worldwide. 

 Patients are attracted by its non-invasive nature, same day outpatient procedure and documented clinical results.  Following Gamma Knife radiosurgery, most patients resume normal activities within a day of treatment.

 Gamma Knife Perfexion delivers a single, high dose of ionizing radiation emanating from 192 cobalt-60 sources.  Gamma Knife surgeons guide the gamma irradiation to a target previously defined by advanced imaging techniques.  At this point, where all the beams simultaneously intersect, Perfexion dispenses a precise radiation dose to treat a target as intended by the physician.  Perfexion represents the latest advance by Elekta, the Gamma Knife manufacturer, in providing cutting edge tools for brain surgery.

 The alternative to treatment with Gamma Knife radiosurgery is traditional surgery, which involves certain risks and complications.  In many cases, it is impossible to surgically treat tumors that are deep-seated or situated close to critical parts of the brain such as the spinal cord or the visual and auditory cortexes.  Following traditional surgery, the patient must remain in the hospital’s intensive care unit for several days and in the neurosurgical department for a further 2-3 weeks.  The convalescence period may be several more months.

 About San Diego Gamma Knife Center

Having treated over 3,500 patients, San Diego Gamma Knife Center is an established center of excellence on the campus of Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla.  Since opening in 1994, the Center has been a leading radiosurgery resource for neurosurgeons and radiation oncologists throughout Southern California, Nevada and Arizona.  

 San Diego Gamma Knife Center is the region’s exclusive facility offering Gamma Knife radiosurgery for brain tumors and other brain abnormalities. U.S. News & World Report has named San Diego Gamma Knife Center’s Medical Directors, Kenneth Ott, M.D., and David Hodgens, M.D., as top honorees in their respective fields of neurosurgery and radiation oncology.

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