Testimonial of Trigeminal Neuralgia Patient


“I would recommend Gamma Knife to anyone with facial pain. Once I walked through the door, everything was new to me, it was an adventure. Everything about the experience was nice. I was treated in January and began tapering off my medications a couple months later. I was on 4 different medications to control my trigeminal pain. The medications took control of my life. I was scared to drive and fearful that I would fall asleep every time I sat down. My number one goal was to get off all medications. As of June 10th I have not taken any medications and have not experienced any trigeminal pain. I can chew gum for the first time in 10 years. When I was in pain I would avoid eating around other people and would constantly cancel plans. I can now take my grandkids out to dinner and enjoy getting together with my friends and family. I can attend last minute functions without worrying about how I will eat or what I will feel like. I am doing so much better because of Gamma Knife and can now live a medication free life.”  JM

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